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Originally Posted by means View Post
One thing about calibration disks I don't understand, being a dvd it helps you with adjustments for your dvd input source (hdmi or component) but how can it help with other input sources (cable, OTA, box)? Do you have to write down the settings and then go to the other source to set them? But often dvd-movie colors can vary in tone and vibrancy with respect to tv program colors (for example, dvd movie colors tend to be a little more subdued than tv programs), so would the calibration disk settings apply to other input sources?
. Feel free to use your BD player on each input to perform a basic calibration.

Unfortunately, it is the tv programming that can vary, since they don't always adhere closely to the SEMPTE standard, which the calibration disc surely does. But you cannot recalibrate your system for each tv broadcast, so you calibrate your system to the industry standard, and leave it at that.
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