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What is HD?

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Default Not Paying $550!

Hi all,

I've been reading many posts and have some simple questions on hooking up my system. I called D* regarding my options for HD signals and did not like the alternatives they gave me. I recently purchased a new HDTV. I use the R10 DVR (non-HD) and want to get the HD DVR. Looks like the total cost to me for this 'leased' product is $550. Kinda steep. So, my least expensive alternative is to use the R10 for DVR functions and the OTA for local HD programming (no DVR functions). When doing this setup I know that I need a seperate antenna and that line be connected to the UHF/VHF in the back of my HDTV. My R10 is connected to Video 1. I have a standard dual LNB dish.

Question: If I get the 5 LNB dish off ebay or somewhere else, will I need the existing antenna I am currently using? I just purchased an RCA brand (ANT706A) powered antenna for $70 and have 15 more days to return it. I am getting a few HD local channels and want to get more. The signal I get for the HD channels I do not get require re-positioning of the antenna, at which point I will get but will lose the HD channels I previously had. I live in Sunnyvale, CA (about half way between San Jose and San Francisco). From the threads I've read here, I do not see a clear answer to this question. I see the posted diagrams showing diplexers, etc. but did not know if it applies to my situation. Will the 5 LNB dish receive OTA signals to broadcast directly into my HDTV? Is it a better boosted signal than the RCA antenna? Or am I slaved to the RCA antenna? Should I purchase a better antenna like the Terk?

I ask about the new 5 LMB because I will eventually purchase a HD DVR. The posts here say the new HD DVR will replace the old one ($550). So I figured it's best to sit tight with what I have until either prices come down on the H10-250 or the release of the upgraded model.

I am a hostage to D* due to the NFL package so going cable is not an option.

Thanks for anyone's input,
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