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My plasma is High Def.

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Default HTPC to Sharp 70"

Hi All:
Sharp LC70LE847u
Computers ( it doesn't matter - have tried 7 different ones)
Cables, have tried 10 or more HDMI to HDMI

I get I get random lines streaking across the screen and "blockie", or jumpie
video.. with the computers..
WD player works just find,, very good video
Blu Ray player in computer ,, and the DVD plays fine..
Only when the video is on HD or Thumb Drive..,, and played in full screen.
Have tried all the video programs there are (VLC<GOM<MPC<Power DVD) makes no difference
Line are random, and half way up to the top (horzional)
Not Blockie in all video's.
Sharp replaced motherboard in tv,, didn't fix it.
TV's going back Monday and getting a new one ,, same model..
Anyone got any thoughts?? (have tried all settings on video card, most are GeForce,, have't tried a ATI yet.
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