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i get monster cables for the same price as the cheaper ones. are they better, dont know or care. they work. ive never paid anywhere near listed price for a monster cable. ive read so much on cables, either they work or they dont. if i have a choice of a monster for $10.00 or a cheap aftermarket for $8.00, well i spend the extra $2.00. after all monster didnt do anything to me. and ive never had any problems with any of there, or any other, cables in the past 10 + years. best thing is read the reviews on amazon about different cables. some people have problems with certain one and others dont. might be how the hook them up, how they route them, who knows. but no im not going to pay $100.00 for a HDMI cable, not rich. hey to each there own. i do what has been working for me. if i had a long run and the only name brand cable i could find cost $200.00 then id at least try the cheap one and see how it worked. i do have a 16' monoprice hdmi for connecting my ps3 to my tv and havent had any problems in 8 + years.
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