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Default Blu Ray discs not playing in Dolby TruHD

I have been playing Bluray discs encoded with dolby or DTS TruHD for some time. My Sony Bluray and Receiver seem to be perfect together. Only last night did I notice that Bluray discs were only playing in PCM according to the receiver. No setting changes were made on either the player or the receiver. DVDs play the surround sound just fine, it just the Blurays that don't play the chosen audio. The TV shows the sound to be Dolby TruHD 5.1 when I show the display, but the receiver says no. I added a new TV recently but this should not change anything as the bluray goes into the receiver then to the TV. Same HDMI connections for everything. I reset the Bluray settings to factory default and redid them one by one. I can now get Dolby Digital 5.1 on the receiver when I choose Dolby TruHD on the bluray. At least it is not PCM. I tried using another bluray machine with via 2nd HDMI input into the receiver. Still was only PCM. I forgot to check the settings on the 2nd bluray as it usually hooked up to a 2 channel receiver only. I reset everything on the Sony Bluray and receiver. I give up. I do not know what else to check.
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