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I gotta go with JYkler. Why waste money? Even if you were wealthy, it's a waste. The HDMI cables really get me. The high prices! When they 1st came out especially. BB had a party ripping people off, until good sense and cheap cables were made public.
There are inferior cables out there. The red and wite and yellow lines that come with lots of equipment are really cheap. In fact like $0.04 on the net. Then I have seen cables as high as $10k!! That is insaninty in it's purest form. ( although they are probably worth it IF you have say a $30k turntable).
Beldon cables, blue Jeans, and a slew of others make good quality cables that will suffice and do what you need them to, without buying the house again. ME, I will not use cheap cables. Only premium. BUt, I won't spend a bundle either. I admit to having monster-BUT they are the less costly line and were free when I bought my stuff.
Because I bought at a local stereo shop, I negociated them in the purchase. Same with my sub cable. BUt buying off the web it's not possible.
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