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Originally Posted by hotrod351 View Post
i feel when it comes to speakers you get what you pay for, unless you find a smoking deal on a high end speaker for 1/2 price. ive been using a yamaha powered subwoofer for more than 10 years now and it still amazes me. also have jamo 707i towers for fronts and a big yamaha center with two small yamaha rears. in all the years ive had them ive never questioned weather they sounded good. as for cables, well theres been a lot said about expensive verses cheap. so what i do is buy the monster on ebay, new, for the same price as the cheap ones. figure its not going to hurt, might not be any difference but if i can buy a higher priced cable for the same price, well thats a no brainer. ive never had any problems with any of my cables and ive had them connected for years and use my equipment everyday. the monster cable you have listed with the splitter is being sold ob ebay for i think the same price so thats a good deal.
Seeing as my HDMI cables for 8 ft or less cost me about $3 I find it hard to believe you are paying that for overpriced, overhyped monster. Monster is the BOSE of audio cables - they trick you with their marleting and inflated pricing into thinking you are getting a premium or better item when in fact you're not.

To the op $300-$500 is a realistic budget for a good quality sub - you can certainly spend more but rarely will you find something decent for less.
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