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Default Would It Be Worth It ?

Ok had an old 5.1 system , installed the two rear speakers up high on wall , ran the wires through the attic to the rears.
Then had the blown in insulation done in the attic at least 24in deep.
So I wanted to upgrade to HDMI when I got my big screen I bought an Oynkyo NR515 7.1 receiver.

Ok ok I know most are already ahead of me and know where I'm going with this... lol

Would it be worth it to run more wires and add side speakers? it would be a major PITA to run the wires in the attic because of all the insulation . What I would have to do would be where I want the speakers mounted I would have to drill holes right where the ceiling and wall meet and then run the wire straight up along the wall through the ceiling.
The rear speakers are already only about 1 ft from the 8ft high ceiling ,so to match the look and not be a head banger on one speaker that is where I would have to mount them ...

SOOOO it can be done, but would the trouble be worth it ?
I've never heard a 7.1 system in a house only the high dollar systems at the Paridym place and Magnoleas (spelling) at a BB store.

Yes , No , ???

Forgot to add the room measures approx 14 X 17.5...

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