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Originally Posted by crooner7 View Post
I wanted to jump in here. OK, I bought this surround system in a parking lectures, was an impulse buy. Anyway, now that I 'own' it, I hooked it all up and it works pretty well, really, considering I find NOTHING about this system (Xtreme XD=350) I didn't pay a lot for it, so I won't have to mortgage the farm, but I am wondering if I can improve the sound with better speaker wires. The furnished wires are 18 AWG. I was reading about which wires to use here, and went to the great link on wire size versus run, etc. Then, as I read on, the article states that the recommendations are based on pure copper wire. It further stated that the CCA wire would be about 61% less conductivity.

According to their chart, I could use 18AWG for my longest run of about 25 ft, but translating that to using CCA makes me go, huh?

I am, by no means, any kind of expert, nor could I hear subtle differences....however, I WOULD like to maximize the performance and if 20 bucks of wire would make any kind of difference, then I want to do it.

The box this system came in advertised 2500 total system power. The enclosed manual says the speakers are 12W (80W subwoofer) peak. OK, quit laughing.....remember, I am old and as cantankerous as Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino. And, about as savvy as most 66 year old dudes.
You can run pure gold wires to those speakers and you will not detect a difference.
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