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Originally Posted by butie120 View Post
So I'm debating between these two recievers to go with my Jamo S 426 system that I can get off Amazon. I will be getting the BIC America F12subwoofer as well. The Onkyo has more bells and whistles (internet connectivity, more HDMI, is a 7.2, etc) than the Yamaha. The Yamaha is a 5.1 I can buy the Onkyo for $250 at accessories4less and I can get the Yamaha for $200 after using my gift cards at Best Buy.

Which route do you think would be best to go? Someone told me that Onkyo certaintly gives you more options underneath the hood, but that Yamaha provides better video and audio when testing them against one another. How do you think the actual specs compare (wattage and such)?

So what do you guys think? If not any of these two, which would you recommend within this price range ($200-275)? Thanks!!!
Onkyo stuffs everything they can into thier AVR's. That creates some issues often with the equipment. Buying at acc4less is a terrific idea as they have been gone over twice at the factory. Yamaha has reverted to real good equipment agin. They did go off a bit a few years ago. I would opt for more power instead of bells and whistles.
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