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Cool Static vs. Dynamic CR

There seems to be one key factor overlooked in this entire thread. And that is the fact that there are two major kinds of contrast ratio, static and dynamic. Static is the ratio of white to black on the screen at a given time and dynamic is the ratio of white to black with an all white screen vs an all black screen. Most mfgrs quote the dynamic contrast ratio because it yields a bigger number (1,000,000:1) but it is not what you see on real typical scenes in the video. Static contrast ratio is a much better and more realistic spec that more determines the "pop" or vividness of a scene because it relates to the highlights in a scene compared to the deepest shadows. I once owned and measured the static contrast ratio of a sony crt hdtv and it measured 50,000:1 (STATIC!) and it had a stunning picture in terms of scene contrast. Most current LCD tv has a DYNAMIC contrast ratio even higher (100,000:1) but look dull compared to a good CRT. The point of all this is there needs to be a standard of testing and it needs to be a STATIC contrast ratio measurement, not just dynamic.
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