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Originally Posted by aindriu80 View Post
i have a soundbar with the Sony bravia TV and its not up to my two floor standing JBL speakers and JBL subwoofer.

I'm not sure if I made a mistake buying my NAD Stereo Receiver several years ago but if I want surround sound I guess I will have to buy a AV receiver.

I can't fit speakers behind the sofa though and the living room is small enough width wise.

I have lots of questions of surround vs stereo like :
Can I get existing sound quality out with a new surround receiver or able to switch to stereo ?
Yes most modern days AVR (Audio Video Receivers) are able to produce 2 speaker stereo , 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound and many different environments in between at the press of a button. I watch most tv and movies in surround sound and almost always switch to 2 channel stereo for music (unless th music was specifically produced in surround sound . The best of both worlds. ALso in 5.1 surround sound the surround speakers go to the side of the listener not in the rear - rear surrounds are added to the side surrounds in 7.1 .
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