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Originally Posted by aindriu80 View Post

Currently I have a 2.1 stereo set up and was thinking of getting surround sound as I recently bought a new TV.

The main room is both the kitchen and living room. At one end of the room is sofa and TV and the other kitchen. Where I sit and watch the TV Sofa to TV (wall to wall) is 300 cm.

The room is much longer but I don't intend to re orient things and just use the width. Would you go for surround sound ? My sofa is against the wall and you can't fit speakers behind me (maybe bookshelf's on stands on the side of the sofa).

From 2.1 to 5.1 means a new more expensive receiver and I may loose music quality.
do a google search for 5.1 speaker setups, it will show a thousand ways to setup. Going from stereo to multi-channel is a step up. Lots of music is high res.
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