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Originally Posted by AlphaCharlie View Post
From my assumption there is a hdmi cable w/ or w/o Ethernet then a high speed hdmi cable w/ or w/o Ethernet... so if he was running a standard hdmi cable that wasn't high speed then that would be a 'higher quality' cable... no? Also, to run 1080p you need a high speed cable and if you don't it will send at the best resolution as possible which in his case may be 720p.
There is a distinction between w and w/o ethernet and there are some cables rated for higher speed but that is for something else as well - all HDMI cables are capable of transmitting up to 1080p (technically standard and not high speed cables are certified up to 1080i but I have never known one not to handle 1080p nor have I heard any other claims to the contrary) and you will see no diff in picture quality between a 'basic HDMI cable and a high speed cable with ethernet' Ethernet cables are basically for added home networking. Length more than anything is a factor - at runs past typically 25-30 you can begin to have problems but once again either it works or it doesn't - these cables only transmit 1;s and 0's so there is no variation in data - either it is there or it isn't.

you can read more here if you like

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