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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by jkkyler View Post
There is no such thing as a 'higher quality' HDMI cable - either it works or it doesn't and there is no discernible/measurable picture difference between cables. A $2.50 cable will give you the same picture as a $150 Monster Brand cable regardless of what the advertisers and manufacturers want you to believe. If the op can state specifically what the trouble is (what he is seeing or not seeing) it can probably be resolved but using inaccurate terms confuses the issue and I have no idea what problem they are having.
From my assumption there is a hdmi cable w/ or w/o Ethernet then a high speed hdmi cable w/ or w/o Ethernet... so if he was running a standard hdmi cable that wasn't high speed then that would be a 'higher quality' cable... no? Also, to run 1080p you need a high speed cable and if you don't it will send at the best resolution as possible which in his case may be 720p.
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