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Default A More Balanced View of Contrast Ratios

Thanks for making this post. I would generally agree that contrast ratios are to be ignored. On the other hand, I think it's important to acknowledge that some technologies are inherently better than others for contrast.

Here's how I would line them up:
  1. OLED - Once organic light emitting diode displays hit the market, I think we will start revisiting contrast ratios. This will be the ultimate contrast display - nearly infinite due to the OLED light emission.
  2. Plasma - As each colored pixel emits its own light, these displays can give fantastic contrast.
  3. LED with Full Array Dimming - If you buy a display with an LED array and strong micro-dimming, you can achieve very strong contrast.
  4. LED with Edge Dimming - These displays are similar to Full Array dimming but are controlled from the sides and are therefore not as powerful.
  5. LCD with CCFL Lighting or Standard LED - These have very weak abilities to generate strong contrast.

If you're interested in this subject, I put together a guide that includes a lot more info on contrast ratios and other issues that affect picture quality.
You can check out my guide here:
The models are all Samsungs, but if you scroll down, you will find a features guide that goes through everything.

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