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OK... so i replaced the front & rear speaker wires with a 16 ga speaker wire that was 16.20 for a roll of 100 ft.(originally 24.97 but i mentioned that i saw the same wire, manufacturer, ga & length at another retailer for 17.99 & they matched it less 10%; good deal?)
Guess what? I'll tell you what (chuckle)! At first i was worried when i turned on the FM band & listened but then i went to "Star Wars" THX & i actually decreased the master volume by 11%. I also adjusted the rear surrounds from +3 to -1(scale being -10 to +10), that's about( according to my math 4/20 or 1/5 or) 20% difference! The woofer, in the 3-way hlx speakers, does its job too; vibrating during those BOOM times! Watching 1 movie, the lamp about 10 feet away from the speakers, made some vibrating noise during a car crash!
I was impressed!
Conclusion; appropriately larger gauge wire ( & possibly newer), secure & clean speakers = better sound quality w/ a decreased total output (volume)

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