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Originally Posted by jkkyler View Post
Caveat - the materials and components being used to day are markedly different than evrn 10 yrs ago let alone 40 so I would be very careful or hesitant to use any type of alcohol or other solvent without checking with the manuf first.
Unfortunately there was no manual w/ used speakers back in the 70's! And I was extremely careful but I did it w/o injury to the old hlx 3-ways! What i really didn't care for was the off-white "stuff" on the lower diameter of the woofer. I did want that off & I figured the vinegar(weak acid) would be helpful... & the amount of R-OH is minimal, a few oz in a gallon of H2O {very dilute, more than a light beer probably,(chuckle)} w/ some vinegar; so there wasn't any damage & the speakers dried nicely after very gently( i cannot stress that enough) wiping w/ a minimally damp microfiber cloth. No distortion in the appearance & remained tight!
The speakers are clean & secure now. No more rattle from loose screws around the 12" woofer!
And now that I've changed the speaker wires(posting "Does speaker wire gauge matter") for both the rear & front speakers the sound is better than ever!
Also, zip2play, that is an amazing speaker! Mine are only 24" high & 1 tweeter!

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