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I am not disagreeing, I was just looking for a simple answer & rev did just that. jk, you may have explained it well, but the simpler the better for me. i worked in the healthcare field for 29+ years & I know that docs have the tendency to explain things to people actually above the persons level of medical knowledge... so, i would, if needed, explain it in layman's terms so the client may have a better understanding, which rev did for me!
jk, when u responded u assumed i understood all the jargon & terminology; & now that i have read Russell i can somewhat understand better. Russell does speak of "When differences can be heard" re: freq & impedance; & some of what i learned, in another lifetime, about the electrical basics, has come back a bit but, at the time, i was just wanting a very simple answer because i am not that knowledgeable. i am just starting out learning about audio. You, jk, on the other hand sound as though u r very knowledgeable, kind of like an M.D. specialist; so, i needed a translator i guess.
jk, u r correct & so is rev; just coming at it differently.
i did go out & look @ some 16ga but my old eyes couldn't see a difference from what i am currently using, so i am taking a sample of this 40y/o wire w/ me.
i also cleaned up the contact points of the wire & speakers when i took my sample, so maybe, just maybe i will notice a difference & my amp will run cooler!
Thx, guys, for the intel
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