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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Yes Ack, Kosty was an optimist and was able to see the good side in everybody. He was a true HD fan, especially Blu-ray, and spent countless hours keeping track of it sales progress for the benefit of everyone. His enthusiasm was infectious and it was that which inspired me to start keeping track of Blu-ray releases in my weekly tables. Kosty wanted it all to be fun and with him, it was. Even in disagreements, which were many, everybody was having fun with him around. And nobody enjoyed it all more than Kosty.

It's hard to believe he's really gone, it's shocking and will take some getting used to. And with his infectious enthusiasm gone forever, it's not going to be quite the same around here anymore.
It is shocking how many prominent members of this forum have died recently. PFC5, Kosty, Loves2watch, etc.

I remember when I first learned that PFC5 passed out of the blue and it just put a dark cloud over my day, and I feel much the same about Kosty. Rather depressing that we will never see another chart, graph, commentary, post from his local Walmart, etc.

Time is precious.. I seem to be getting reminded of this more and more in my life...
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