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Default E2PROM ERROR still lingers after HDMI fix - Any idea?

I've read a lot of threads on the HDMI board issues and fixes, but not much on the E2PROM error. My reciever had both issues, including the VD = ??????. I replaced all 10 of the 100uf caps and I believe the HDMI switching problem has been resolved, but the E2PROM error still lingers at startup. Here's what's interesting:

Before caps: HDMI handshake issue, E2PROM error, VD=????? (which also includes losing all setting once unplugged for any period of time)

After caps: HDMI working, E2PROM error still, VD= 1.19/084198 (once settting are stored, can unplug and not lose settings unless....

When unit gets hot, if unplugged, will reset everything and store settings fails. If I let it cool down, can store settings again and will be fine.

The issues this amp has given people are incredible. Any ideas on fixing the E2PROM error? I have found no way to update firmware or restore the PROM. I may be stuck with the issue, but would like to know if anyone has come across a fix.

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