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u might need to do the setting correctly, check your setting for TV monitor for you CRT make sure you have resolution checked for tv. also turn on the native resolution on, you can try all the resoultion in front of the box, if your TV has hdmi h20 receiver works very good with it, also h20 has a very good OTA tuner built in you can connect a rabbit ear antenna to find local OTA broadcast and check if it improves your situation, you can also update the guide if you put the zip code for locals in setting, also for Dolby digital you need to turn on the option in audio setting.
I have two H20 receivers and i have seen no difference in PQ between HD locals OTA or through DTV, I am also getting all other local OTA through antenna.
Most importantly make sure you have the latest software.

Overall i am very satified with DTV broadcast, the installer did not do a good job, he has to come twice to align the dish, one each time for 5LNB and 2nd time for international dish.
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