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Originally Posted by boomer47 View Post
I have a(supposedly free) roku player coming from Dish.
I did ask if ordering it would entail any cost and extend my contract.
The tech said no to both.
But I forgot to ask: Will the player belong to me or will it have to be returned, along with the receiver, when and if, I cancel dish.
ROFL!! After i bought my Roku 2XS and found out just what kind of programming is available on the internet(most of it is FREE!,except for Netflix($8.00/mo.,and Hulu+(8.00/mo.),i cancelled my sat. subscription cuz everything(and i mean everything)that i 'Personally' like to watch,ie;movies,old(classic)tv shows,documentaries,music(check out Pandora,it's fantastic!),news(some of it live streaming)is there,even local,regional,and national weather is available( local radar,and severe weather forecasts and updates). Since i don't give a damn about "sports" or the latest,greatest prime time tv shows,i don't think i'm missing a thing. I also have a small antenna hanging in my window for local news,and anything else i might find of interest on my local tv stations,which unfortunately,isn't usually much.

Do i miss my satellite tv??? NO!NO!NO!....AND i'm saving the $96.00/mo. fee i had to pay just to watch the 'maybe' 6-8 channels that i watched....the other 300 or so channels being utterly useless to me. Now i only pay $16.00/mo. JR.

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