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Originally Posted by jstevens44 View Post
So, I'm a new DTV customer and I got the HR34. I'm in an IT related field, and I'm definitely a techno-geek. So, I'm all for doing the CE updates. I'm going to start this next Friday. I only wish I'd known about it a few days earlier.

So, I got the basic instructions from the original post on how to download and when to download. What I want to know is where are you getting the notices that there will or will not be a new CE download available, and what kind of goodies are included in the CE download that week. Is there something I need to subscribe to? Is it sent via message on the HR34? What's up?
Just subscribe to this thread and the info will be posted each week. Notices usually don't come out until Friday evening and sometimes they are a little late. There are 2 of us watching for the CE's so it should be done each week. There are a couple of other sites that we can get the info and it is passed on here as soon as available.
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