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maicaw you have just hit the reason I prefer the MX-850 over the Harmony remotes. With the LCD screen assignable buttons and the ability to learn your device remote IR commands, the MX-850 will absolutely be able to duplicate all of your device commands and functions. With the Harmony this will vary depending on the model, sometimes if at all. In reading your previous posts, I would say you would be happier with a MX-850 than any Harmony remote.

The problem with the MX-850 is it is marketed for professional use. A consumer can, and usually does, find the programming difficult to leard and quite frankly, the documentation that comes with them is lacking. Only after attending training and programming several MX-850s did I really know how to best program one. The touch screen units are yet again another level, so I would go for the MX-850 to be sure you will have success.
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