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Originally Posted by CraterGrillo
The Harmony line of remotes has made the up-front setup pretty trivial by my understanding, even if you have a tricky setup with various brands, etc... They've solved the "useability" issues as well, including the ability to troubleshoot problems (ie, if video isn't on, it will walk through possible fixes on the remote).
I don't know about the trivial thing but after registering and downloading the 23mB file -- the "test drive" of the program didn't help me much - It didn't list my Sony34XBR800 _maybe they call it a 34XBR80? - and it seems to load a predetermined (limited?) set of functions for each device chosen - most of my remotes have a many times more functions than are availablel on the pictured unit - my XBR has 43 buttons + joystick+ 12 more on the numeric pad (55 total)-the sony A/V rcvr has 56 + joystick- the Harmony 880 looks like an ordainary VCR or Sat remote from the pictures (keypad + about 15 other buttons) - and the demo doesn't provide anything but more pictures of it. - A $500 touch screen remote would probably work better - but that's for the folks who buy $3000 DVD players and $50K triode amps IMO - [ Envy ]
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