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Originally Posted by Echo13 View Post
Movies should be $8. $20-30 is horrendously overpriced. This really shows how ridiculous the margins are for home video.

Also. If blu ray was a niche product theres no way you'd have any movies this cheap. Glad its been able to reach almost DVD level pricing which alot of people were worried it wasnt gonna be able to do(something about manufacturing and authoring costs lol)
Originally Posted by TowerGrove View Post
Very true back in the laserdisc days they were pricing them very high. Sometimes would pay $80 to $100 for one title.
Really? Because from what I remember at DVDs peak? Prices were never that low until they were not selling anymore. Then prices dove to get people to buy. Sorry but I don't think these prices mean Bluray is mainstream at all. In fact I think it shows just how weak the market is for the product. Hell Bluray hasn't even passed 3 billion in sell through and we are seeing titles less than a year old going for $7.88?! How can anyone say that is a good sign for the studios or Bluray? Yes it's great for the consumer. But this make me think there are not many of them out there if we are seeing this already.
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