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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
There was not a lot released the weeks before MI4 nor the weeks after so much of the reported Blu-ray revenues for those weeks we solely the result of that title's revenues as there was no significant revenues coming in from previous recent releases.

If the HMM weekly Sun-Sat first five days of MI4 weekly sales estimate the sole reason that you feel Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol underperformed then that's a flawed argument that again does not consider the other variables that affect the weekly statistical estimates.
Bah . . . . more BS and excuses. MI4 was the only major release that week. It had the market all it itself.

And it under performed. It didn't do what other movies in that genre and BO take range have done. And you know it. You just refuse to admit it, that's all.

Must be tough sitting through these past few weeks, looking at the data and seeing your "precious" isn't making much headway in either growth or marketshare.

Well, we all know how you deal with that . . . "Up is up!" and "just wait till Q4!"
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