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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
It was a poor assumption by you that by posting The-Numbers data for MI4, it would add more credibility to your argument.
I posted it because I was responding to Lee Stewart's specific request.

Lee was complaining that I did not post any unit sales or revenue data for the title when I posted the Nielsen Video charts.

T-N data is the only public by title estimates we have. by that measure its first week's performance was in line with their magnitudes for other major releases.

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post

Not some % on a chart
And again, you're leaning on that Sunday offset much too hard. You're only hurting yourself when you get into the habit of sweeping any discrepancies or unexplainable events under that rug, no matter how implausible they may be.
The Sunday offset is more of a factor when discussing a specific release week of a high volume title as HMM is reporting one day less in its revenue estimate than T-N or the NV first alert report data and Sunday is an above average sales day especially for a major title heavily advertised in the Sunday Best Buy Target and Walmart weekly circulars.

Five days vs six reporting days by itself would always be a 15% to 20% less revenues being reported even if Sunday was just the same as the other days of the week.

I'm not using that observation to 'sweep things under the rug" but you cannot deny its a factor and just ignore it either. Its nonsense to expect that different sources have the exact same magnitudes in their estimates either as it never happens that way in reality. The more important comparison is the trending over time and internal apples to apples comparisons using the same source.

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