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Originally Posted by Ray Von Geezer View Post
No, the inner angst thing was a joke (I gotta use smileys more)

"I didn't fight that war, I wasn't even there man!"

A bit of background - HD DVD barely launched over here in backwards Blighty (though LoveFilm still have a few for rent). I have an interest in the subject, mainly because it's my hobby, plus you need to have to participate in places like this, and I've seen enough of the ugliness some of you guys regularly display to know feelings still run deep. As far as having a horse in the race though, nah, and I don't have any baggage with any of you guys who did.

I don't think there was anything in my posts that would be particularly unreasonable to anyone who didn't automatically assume that I have to be batting for a "side". It was the same at HDF, though it did seem a little less confrontational here for a while, and maybe that's always going to be the problem with the sites where you vets hang out, you're always looking for reds/blus under the bed?

As far as who I "gang" for, at the risk of sounding like a ponce I've transcended your puny Earthling distribution methods My media server and elegant sufficiency of (fully legal) movies etc means that DVDs, Blu-Rays, digital copies and streaming are all just different buttons on my remotes. I guess that should actually make me "pro digital", except I'm also "pro quality"

I'm still confused about your comparison of emotional content between Mike and mine's posts though? Do we have an emo meter I don't know about? Are Clerics coming to get me, do I need to brush up on my gun-kata?

Ray Von
So that long rant was just an act? OK man, it's cool, whatever. We can always use some comic relief over here.
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