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Originally Posted by Ray Von Geezer View Post
I have to admire the guy for his obvious passion, and feel some sympathy for him too - somehow the bit about the studio execs calling him up reminded me of Sara in Requiem for a Dream.

I think much of what he says comes with the benefit of hindsight rather than any foresight he and Toshiba might have had. For one, I really don't buy that they bet and lost at least $1 billion, probably a lot more, on a format that they genuinely believed would have a lifespan of only a few years. Now if he was talking from Microsoft's perspective I'd find it more believable, but not Toshiba - they put far too much money and effort into HD DVD for it to be a stop-gap for them.

A slight case of the loser trying to re-write history? I think maybe so.

Ray Von
I thought the same thing while reading it.
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