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Okay, air,

I rewatched Louis Leterrier's Incredible Hulk last night on Blu, and you were correct -- at the very end, we see Norton (Banner) running through an open plain in BRITISH COLUMBIA (the northern location you cited) where he eventually is seen attempting to control the transformations with the breathing exercises, until his eyes are depicted changing and he gives a wicked smile, as if he is somewhat "happy" that the change is taking place...

Originally Posted by airickess View Post
This alien race were mere pawns to this supreme leader. I use the term "supreme leader" so as not to reveal the identity, thus making it a serious spoiler - this is one development that the die-hard, long-time Marvel fans will find really great. But this being is more interested in universal conquest, not just earthly conquest - that is why he used Loki as a front man to obtain the Tesseract and conquer the planet. But now that the Tesseract is in Asgard, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that this being would somehow go into Asgard in some manner and try to obtain it. This "supreme being" literally will court death, in a romantic sense, and thinks nothing of blowing up entire galaxies to win her favor.
I see; very interesting analysis and information. I suppose we'll have to see what a sequel brings...

Is this "supreme leader" you mention the "Leader" from the Hulk books by any chance -- the being with the massive cranium?
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