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Originally Posted by railven View Post
Oh how wrong you are about that. haha.

And check this thread out:

Guess when I post similar stuff no one cares /sniff
I thought the reason for the custom resolution for Crysis 1 was to make it not locked at 24 fps. That's why I did it.

The Crysis 1 custom resolution thing I read said "no longer caps at 24 fps." I thought "neat! I can run this game at more than 24 fps!" I did get over 24 fps...but...maybe I did something wrong, but I this did not make the game run at locked 60 fps...nowhere close.

I'll see if I need to do this downscaling trick after I get my 680. I am actually pretty satisfied with AA on my 580. Sure, it could do better, but I'll wait until I get the 680.

Oh, I need to address this:

Originally Posted by railven View Post
I have no idea why it has three dimensions in the resolution, unless it is a typo. But the downsampling info is interesting 1.494.

Any mathematicians here?
I claim to know a thing or two about mathematics. If that's not a typo, then the Germans have developed some kind of astonishing futuristic technology.

If that's not a typo, I would kinda be curious about why they are even bothering with playing video games at all. They should be using this discovery to go ahead and begin inter-stellar space travel.

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