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What is HD?

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Hi everyone new to the forum, have been reading with great interest all the successfull repairs going on here! this is what it's all about!!, I have a Tx-Sr 875 with similar issues, I know it's a completely different board/animal as such but wondered if the issues with my hdmi output could be eminating from the same problems with these 100uF 4v capacitors near these voltage regulators, I have five regulators on my PCB (NCHDM 9114, with the HQV Reon processor) Q8595,Q8596,Q8597,Q8806,Q8902,these all have one of these 100uF caps connected to them in fact one near Q8806 Capacitor C8843 had come away from it's contact pad on the + side! I have resoldered it but it made no difference at all,

My unit appears to recognise any of the four inputs, as the front display changes from NO SIGNAL to for example HDMI THROUGH (or whatever is set for that input) as soon as an input cable in plugged into whatever input but I get No image at all from the hdmi out if I go into setup I can just get a very grainy image this is just snowy at the bottom and flickering between grains and the actual OSD wording at the top, I have tried component out and can get the OSD perfectly so it would seem the unit is seing all the inputs but not able to output them at all via hdmi, I think this could have something to do with these regulators or capacitors???? Does any one have any ideas??? I really like this receiver and the way it sounds and would love to have my hdmi switching/scaling back would appreciate any advice given to this newbie!!!

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