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Originally Posted by awol View Post
This beta driver is fucked. At least for the game I'm trying to currently play.

I'd been playing the first Witcher (EE) with absolutely no issues. Max everything in-game and Triple Buffering / V-sync enabled through NCP.

And now, after updating to this new beta driver? Adaptive V-sync left me with tearing left and right. Even forced, regular v-sync is leaving me with tearing.

But worst of all is I'm now getting artifacting that I've not ever had before. And again, this is only after updating the drivers. I first noticed it when I went from 295.73 to 296.10.

So back to 295.73 I go.
I have not yet tried out the new Adaptive V-sync, but I have been running the beta driver for several days now and have not noticed any bugs or issues whatsoever.

I own TW1 EE, do you want me to see what happens if I turn on Adaptive V-Sync in that game with the settings you did?

Let me know if you want me to try, I will see what happens if you want later tonight after I post final course grades.
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