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What is HD?

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Default My Plea to the highdefforum knowledge gods!

the recommended Q&A for good hdtv advice?

1. How far away will you be from the display when watching it?


2. What TV will it be replacing?
A 27" tube tv also i would like to be able to use it as a computer monitor (mine is {url i cant put here} 23" 1080p lcd samsung)

3. What will you be watching on it?
1/4 movies 1-4 TV shows 1/4 console gaming, 1/4 PC gaming

4. Will a computer be connected to use the display as a monitor? If so, what percent of the time?
^^^o.0 yes, idk if i want to just use the tv or still use my monitor... its a good monitor.

5. Will you be getting a Blu-ray player to watch movies and will you be getting any HD service from cable/sat, or will you just be watching SD programming, and an upscaling SD DVD player?
blu-ray is almost the new standard now right?
- hd cable/sat as well

6. Are you looking for the best in class display, the best bargain display, or best bang for the buck in the middle display?
Most likely best bang for the buck, but i would really rather not downgrade from my pc monitor... know what i'm sayyin?

7. Are you interested in seeing 3D with the new 3DTVs? If not, what about next year since TVs are usually kept for many years so consider that?
no... no thank you

8. What is the room lighting situation?
i can control the lighting...

9. What is your budget range?

10. Will people be watching at multiple viewing angles or just usually one person sitting directly in the center?
one will be fine

11. When will most viewing be done on the display?
day and night lolz

I would like to get a new tv and i have been looking around at a few places and i found out one thing; That i really dont like sales people, mainly the people on the floor at BestBuy. Anyway, i would really like to get the most out of my buck. like i said in the Q&A i really would like to hook my pc up to the tv (i have hdmi/vga/2xdvi ports) and like not stated in the Q&A i would rather not get a plasma. any help would be much appreciated,Thanks in advance!

You did not indicate a possible screen size ?

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