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Post CeBit launch for low cost HD standard...

And here you thought it was only a two way race This tech was demo-ed at CeBit by a Chinese manufacturer 'Beijing E-World Technologies', sports a red laser with low cost players in the $150 range...! and plans to give the blue ray players a run for their money, talk is 20-40 gigs on a disk. Press release quote "We now believe that we have all the necessary support from the Chinese DVD player manufacturers to launch the HD solution at the CeBIT show in March 2006," said Mahesh Jayanarayan, CEO of NME." Seeing is believing and it was so.. follow the companies link and you get to see some of their future, which bates the question... If this company did it with a red laser... why blue?

Now everyone... let's get hollywood on the wagon!... or at least BT

The Company has developed the Versatile Multilayer Disc (VMD), a technologically advanced red laser optical storage disc that has capacities ranging from 20 to 40GB. The technology has the capability of up to 100GB of data storage, which is 20 fold the capacity of existing DVD discs. For additional information about NME, please consult the Company's website at:

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