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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Just wait until the DEG report comes out. If it shows sell through growth, then the spin is going to be crazy.

It's amazing that OD sell-through has a chance to be up this quarter, amazing until you see that box office is up close to 20% from last year that is. Then it seems very normal. But you can be sure that box office won't be mentioned in the DEG report. That only happens when it's down and is used an an excuse.

But the box office bubble won't last forever.
I think the mention of stronger box office will certainly be made in the report but we shall see soon enough. Strength of releases including Star Wars was mentioned in the 3Q 2011 report so your cynicism there is a bit unfounded.

The box office performance and strength of releases matters either way and its going to help at least for a while yet. Overall theatrical box office is still way up this year and much of the 2012 better performing titles are still in the pipeline for home video.

A lot depends on how the summer releases do as always but so far so good. The economy growing finally should also assist as well.
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