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Here is the merchandising report for WE 3/25/11.

I'm not seeing anything there to give any clue to why The Muppets would have so high a 53% Blu-ray unit marketshare as reported by Nielsen Videoscan.

I assume it had a normal Disney coupon offer (article mentions $5) but that would be nothing new. Those are still $23 low end Blu-ray priced skus on sale and a lot of the Blu-ray or combo skus were priced much higher than that at major retailers.

The Blu-ray marketshare for The Muppets was seen as unexpectedly high. What caused that this week?

What am I missing?

Lunch With 'The Muppets' (WE 03/25/12)

20 Mar, 2012
By: John Latchem

Anyone who has wanted to have lunch with the Muppets should head down to Best Buy, which is offering an exclusive lunch box with copies of the Blu-ray combo pack of The Muppets.

The included combo pack is the Wocka Wocka version with the film’s soundtrack for digital download, making the $27.99 in-store price cheaper than the $34.99 online price for the standalone version of the same combo pack, which isn’t offered in many stores. Best Buy further offers a $5 coupon from Disney at, applicable toward the Wocka Wocka Blu-ray (and the lunch box).

Best Buy also has a free 7-inch bunny minion plush with purchase of Universal’s Hop Blu-ray, released on March 23.

Target offered a $5 savings with joint purchase of exclusive editions of both Hop and Despicable Me. Target’s Hop Blu-ray comes with wearable bunny ears.

For The Muppets, Target offered a six-episode “Muppet Show” sampler DVD with the Blu-ray of the new movie.

At Walmart, customers could get a set of four Muppets finger puppets with purchase of the Muppets Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (the verison without the digital soundtrack).


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