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Originally Posted by 1stSilverado View Post
Well, when it comes to "pushing" a product, I use my wallet. So I guess I push DVD, Xbox 360, Wii, Blu ray, Apple, and Sony. I have had no luck with the PS3 so I will not throw good money after bad on that console, but Sony is the only brand of BD player I will buy.
Since I own hundreds of Blu rays, I had an agenda I didn't know about

That's what it comes down to Silverado. Actions are what reveal any true agenda. I've got about 300 Blu-rays I think (my sig is way out of date), probably Gizmo has way more than that. Kind of hard to hate something and keep buying it at the same time. I don't need a PS3 (not much of gamer and I already have a couple of 360s), and I don't buy Apple products because you have to buy their software and I'm used to 3rd party support with Windows and Google (on the Droid). Going to Apple to me would be like moving from the US to North Korea. So I guess you can call me an Apple or PS3 hater because I would never buy those things.
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