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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Yep, 20% last year, 24% this year. Slow but steady. At this rate, Blu-ray will be at 50% in 2020.

Oh, and it's no more factual to state one extreme or another. It is deceptive to pass off the higher title share as if they were representative of the whole. Gizmo is just bringing balance by pitting your extreme against his.
I use all the data I can find. I never state that the highest is representative only that its the highest and keeps on getting higher over time.

That's not the same as mentioning that one would "cherry pick" the lowest data only.

But both Blu-ray revenue and unit marketshare are steadily rising over time with the possibility of even faster rate of change if retail tipping points are reached and Blu-ray starts to displace DVD more at retail as time goes along.

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