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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
So if it's only 1-2% difference, then why are you making such a big deal about Nielsen excluding Walmart? You did just use bold red lettering, didn't you?
Sorry, you misunderstood the intent of that.

I was not making a big deal out of the Walmart being excluded in relationship to any of the performance of this weeks titles at all.

I only highlighted it as a Home Media Magazine published confirmation of the answer to the question we had on the subject of Nielsen Videoscan first alert including Walmart data in their chart calculations.

I was just highlighting that announcement of Walmart still not being included in the Nielsen Videoscan stats.

I agree that its much closer now than it was in the past and for most titles its not going to make a big difference anymore. Its not like with Avatar when the studio announced Blu-ray marketshare was 6% points below the published Nielsen Videoscan first alert numbers for a Blu-ray friendly genre anymore.

Its going to be a bit more for something like Twilight Saga that does huge female volumes at Walmart. For most titles it probably does not matter much anymore as Blu-ray has become more mainstream and does more volumes at Walmart as it matures. as a successful consumer mass market product category.

Ever since last fall its been a lot closer at Walmart so its less and less of a factor for most genres an titles as time goes on an Blu-ray steadily increases it household penetration.
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