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Very interesting comparison between DVD and BD YoY. This year DVD is down 6.2% while Blu-ray is up 24.8%. Last year at this time (after 10 weeks), DVD was down 19.4% while Blu-ray was up 23.3%.

So the difference this year is DVD. It is doing much, much better this year compared to last, while Blu-ray is doing about the same. Surprising that Blu-ray's YoY is so modest considering box office is up 10.6%.

As for this last week, Blu-ray had genre-friendly Immortals and about $40 in BO power over last year, plus a bonus non-box office TV show Game of Thrones which placed #2 on the BD charts and did a 57% share. 35.7% YoY seems rather modest with that arsenal. All of last year's box office power was in comedy or drama.
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