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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
Your data is old - anything newer?
Originally Posted by bombsnizzle View Post
Old data is better than no data.

Feel free to contact nielsen and get the 2011 numbers.
Well this new article (see above) is johnny on the spot.

"The report also found that HDTV penetration increased 6% to 63%, while high-definition TV service from multichannel video program distributors increased 11% to 42% of households. Households with a TV rose 1% to nearly 100% market penetration."
So in 2012, well over a decade after HDTV has been released, HDTV service is still in a minority of households, even those with HDTVs.

Why does HDTV service trail HDTV hardware?

Clearly the desire for HD content, from a provider or disc, does not match the desire for HDTV form factor.

So is HD cable/satellite a "failure" when compared to SD content? I mean, it's had a decade+ to overcome SD content and still hasn't.

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