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Originally Posted by GizmoDVD
Huh? They had no choice really. Imagine a word where BD layers only played BD discs. BD would likely be dead and we would be enjoying HD DVD right now.
Originally Posted by bombsnizzle View Post

You just can't get over it.
Seriously. Wow.

I never will regret buying my HD DVD hardware and movies and enjoying them to this day, but I think I've long ago accepted that Blu-ray was the better option despite my enthusiastic support for HD DVD over Blu-ray back in the day.

Comments like that really kinda make it seem that a lot your current skepticism against Blu-ray comes from your team losing the format war four years ago and its a continuation of a blood feud or something against Blu-ray that started during the format war days..

I do agree that it was essential that both HD DVD and Blu-ray offer playback of DVD so it was never an option for them to do without. That's also sustaining to a degree the DVD sales and rental streams as well as Blu-ray players are DVD players too.

Personally, I think that HD DVD would have even a harder time today making a case against streaming and Netflix and cheap DVD rentals and 3D on HD DVD would have been more difficult as well. I think Blu-ray is doing better now than HD DVD would have done. Blu-ray certainly exceeded by 4Q 2010 any projections for HD DVD that the HD DVD proponents ever had and I don't see how HD DVD would have done any better since than Blu-ray has done.
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