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Originally Posted by Malanthius View Post
That's the thing with you guys being in denial. Even though I have corrected this before it's again and again. I never said or have said Bluray had to do as well as DVD for me to consider it a success. Kosty, I've corrected you on this several times. But you keep trying to use this defense. Probably because it's the only defense.

I've always said that I would consider Bluray a success if it at least got close to doing what DVD did. Or at least do as well as VHS. As it is it looks quite clear it will do neither. In fact it looks like it will fall way short of even VHS's numbers. This is with a much better product, years later with many more people in the world to sell to.

Oh and Danny? No I fell to the hype from guys like you and Kosty who are always running to the defense of Bluray. Ignoring comon sense. I fell to the hype of all the hype during the format war. How you guys pumped up how you thought people cared about all those pixals and bit rates because they would make all the difference in the world. After all you guys argued it was these minor benifits that Bluray offered over HDDVD that would win the format war. In the end it wasn't that at all. It was all internal deals and a game system that was going to create an unnatural advantage giving skewed numbers that studios bought into. You proved it yourself. You know that just because people buy big HD TVs does not guarantee they will use it for HD. Infact we know the percentage shows people actually buy them for the size of the screen.

It's cute when I see guys like you try to act like this is all completely expected. After the fact...

You are not talking about me hyping Blu-ray during the format war. I was a prominent HD DVD supporter who even though I liked and enjoyed Blu-ray since Feb 2007 and my first PS3 I was among the most prominent skeptical Blu-ray commentators on the planet during the format war. But once HD DVD died I moved on an appreciated Blu-ray after it solved the issues I was most concerned about during the format war.

I did not defend Blu-ray during the format war as much as I was a HD DVD supporter that liked Blu-ray but thought HD DVD was the better option and was good enough to do the job.

Blu-ray is never going to get close to what DVD did at its peak in overall sales. Perhaps for new releases maybe, but not overall as many of the stuff released on DVD would never make sense to release on Blu-ray. But I do not care about that stuff on the format.

Blu-ray has long since exceeded my expectations and the rest is gravy.
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