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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post

According to Nielsen FA, Games of Thrones had an index of 76.09 vs. 100 for Immortals. So something's not right, because if the Nielsen ratios are right, then Immortals sold 4 units for ever 3 that Game of Thrones sold. According to the press releases, the ratio is 10 units Immortals for every 3 Thrones sold.

I don't think HBO would just publish what the DVD sold. DVD means all units as the term is often used for DVD + Blu-ray. Besides, it would be ludicrous to leave out Blu-ray sales as it sold more units than DVD did.

Will be interesting to see which figure The-Numbers uses (and if they'll prorate it for six days), but my money is on the larger number.
Maybe some dude at Reuters just took the DVD figure and ignored the Blu-ray Disc number from HBO in writing the wire service article.

We've seen worse throughout the years looking at this stuff.
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