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Originally Posted by eck979 View Post
Niiice! I'd hate to lose Seymore, he's become a leader on our D. Time for Ro to step up and take those reigns this year, though. I do like Kam and hope he can stick around.

I expect good things from Palmer this year.. If not, then it's his last shot IMO. What's going on w/ Campbell, is he sticking around?

1) Seymour's leadership ain't worth the $15mill he's getting paid. Tommy Kelly did his job last year for 1/2 the cost. Big Rich has got to step it up ON the field.

2) Agree on Ro. I was so happy with the draft pick on him, and to see him just be "blah" for two years, kills me. But its one of those things where you have to make a decision: a) is it Ro? or b) is it the sub-par coaching staffs and antiquated defensive schemes that have been in place since Ro has been drafted??? I vote b, and I'm sure that is what the Organization is betting on/hoping for.

3) Latest word on the "Kam Situation" is that both sides are at a stalemate. Kam is another that isn't worth the money that Big Al gave him AND is coming off of a season in which he didn't perform up to it (take away that game against SD where he had 3 or maybe 4 of his seven sacks -- against a 3rd string LT, mind you -- and you have nothing. Can't cover and can't help against the run. HOWEVER, for a reasonable contract, I'm with you, I hope he stays. I feel he can be "coached up" and become a great pass rusher, consistently.

4)You have a better shot at seeing the Pope in your local tavern than seeing Jason Campbell set foot anywhere near the team building. He's done, from what sources have told the Oakland Media. He is a FA and looking for a starting QB position, somewhere else.
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