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Well the change and upgrade from Blu-ray from DVD is nowhere near the change from VHS to DVD in many ways including price, quality, performance and form factor.

That's besides we are in the second decade of the 21st century in an environment where many more entertainment options exists than what DVD faced in its growth years.

But Blu-ray continues to grow year after year in units and growing Blu-ray unit and revenue marketshares for new releases and in general are not just all because DVD or OD in general is declining. Especially for new releases, its because more Blu-ray units are being sold as well. Blu-ray units are still growing faster than OD units are declining.

Its not like Blu-ray units sold are standing still and percentages are growing for its marketshare only because DVD is declining.

Many people are upgrading to Blu-ray from DVD even if that rate is slower than it was from VHS to DVD.

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