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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
If it was the shattered economy then OD sales would have improved last fall instead of declining a record 12% in Q4 as consumer holiday spending was well up from the prior year.

And if it is the economy then we would fully expect OD sell-through to rebound to previous levels as so does the economy. But that's not going to happen of course, because the economy is just a small part of why OD sales have plummeted to begin with (my guess is 10% of the reason).

No, it's not Blu-ray's "fault", but that still doesn't make it any less a failure. Even VHS was bringing in over $6 billion in sell-through alone during its heyday (quite a bit more when adjusted for inflation). Blu-ray will be lucky to peak at 1/2 of that.
Very well said.

That pretty much echoes my view of the situation.
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